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Golf Rules & Regulations



New members are encouraged to establish their golf handicaps quickly in order to enter regular tournaments. They may transfer their handicaps from their previous courses or see the Golf Pro, who will establish a new one.


                        Monday                                  Open at 12:00PM (unless it is a holiday)

                        April 1st - October 31st       8:00AM—7:00PM

                        November 1st—March 31st            9:00AM—5:30PM



  • All players must inform the Golf Shop before starting play.
  • Golf tee times may be made up to seven days in advance of play. On golf outing days, call the Golf Shop to check available tee times.
  • Payment for golf carts must be made or arranged prior to play. Golf carts or rental pull carts must be obtained at the Golf Shop.
  • Each group of players or player shall obtain a score card and keep a record of strokes required for each hole according to the USGA rules. A copy of the rules and scoring requirements may be obtained from the Golf Shop.
  • The Golf Professional and assistant Golf Professionals have full authority of the golf players at all times. He is directed to carry out the rules and regulations pertaining to the golf course and play, and any violations of such are to be reported to the Rules & Tournaments Committee.
  • Personal coolers (ice chests) are not allowed on the course. Please support your club by purchasing beverages and food from Grover’s Grill.
  • Each player must have a golf bag and set of clubs.
  • All play must start on number 1 tee at all times and on all days unless permission to do otherwise is obtained from the Golf Shop.
  • Groups of five may play only if cleared by Golf Professionals.
  • Groups of five will not be allowed when course is heavily occupied.
  • All groups are strongly encouraged to maintain their starting interval with the group ahead.
  • Twosomes may play on Saturdays beginning at 11:00am and all day on Sundays. Allow faster players to play through if there is an open hole ahead of your group.
  • When arriving at the green, carts (driven, powered, pushed or pulled) are to be parked between the green and next tee on the cart path. This will allow the following players to play to the green as soon as you complete play at the hole and are off the green.
  • Repair ball marks on the marks on the greens.
  • Use rakes prior to leaving bunkers. Leave rakes outside bunkers when done.
  • A member must accompany guests on weekends and holidays.
  • Players stopping for lunch may lose their position on the golf course. Please check in with the Golf Shop prior to starting the back 9, if you have stopped for lunch at the turn.
  • Children under 15 years of age are not to be allowed on the golf course before 2:00pm on Saturday and 3:00pm on Sundays and holidays unless accompanied by a parent.
  • Except for scheduled open tournaments, in-county guests are restricted from playing the golf course more than one time per quarter.
  • Members and/or their dependents that do not have an established handicap will not be permitted to play in Club tournaments.
  • Members and/or their dependents that have been a member for less than 90 days and have not established a handicap may be assigned a temporary handicap by a Golf Professional.
  • Members and/or their dependents that have been a Club member for 90 days or longer will be given a handicap by the Golf Professional for in-club or out-of-club use in a tournament. All handicaps for these members must be established by posting scores as played.
  • Proper attire is required at all times for all golfers on the golf course, putting green, and driving range.
    • Gentlemen:No denim or blue jeans of any kind.
      • No swim wear or cutoffs.
      • Collared shirts with sleeves are required. Most turtleneck styles are
      • Considered “collared”.
      • Only Bermuda length shorts are permitted.
    • Ladies:No swim wear or cutoffs.
      • Collared shirts with sleeves are required. Most turtleneck styles are
      • Considered “collared”.
      • No tank tops or halter tops.
      • Only Bermuda length shorts are permitted.
  • USGA rules are in effect when local rules override. The local rules, to be effective must be announced in the Club Newsletter and posted on the bulletin board, and it shall be the player’s responsibility to keep informed and knowledgeable of playing rules.
  • Only non-metal spikes are permitted.
  • Golfers may receive a handicapped flag by turning in a physician’s note to the Pro Shop.
  • Handicapped flags will be issued in two fashions:
    • Permanent Flags: Golfers with a long term disability must apply to the Golf Committee to receive approval for a permanent flag. A physician’s statement is mandatory.
    • Short Term: Golfers with a short term disability may obtain a flag through the Head Golf Professional.
  • Golfers with handicapped flags are to stay 30 feet from the edge of the green and are not to drive on par 3’s.

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